Sankofa is currently accepting applications!

All applications are thoroughly reviewed, and acceptance into our program is made based on application dates, child’s age and developmental needs, parental support/interest in Sankofa’s vision/educational philosophy.
If you are interested in sending your child to Sankofa, please fill out the admissions form and email it to:

You may also print out the form and mail it to:
Sankofa e.V., Bundesallee 38, 10717 Berlin

You will also need to apply for a Kitagutschein with your local Jugendamt (regardless of which Kita you want to send your child to).

Please allow 8 weeks for the Kitagutschein to be processed.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the Kitagutschein application process, you may contact us.

An important note: When applying for your Kitagutschein, please tick the box on the application that indicates that your language at home is überwiegend nicht deutsch (primarily non-German) if you can. The majority of our families speak English or French at home and therefore qualify, but many parents are not aware that Sankofa (or any other Kita) receives additional government funding – at no extra cost for the family — if you check this box.

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